Rammey Marsh Cruising Club

Cruising on the Lea & Stort since 1970



All moorings at the Club are Linear canal-side moorings. There is fresh water, metered individual electricity points and  lighting  at intervals along the moorings

Moorings  will be granted to Full members subject to availability. Moorings are currently charged at £28.00 per foot per Year. In addition to this there is a Service Charge of £45.00 per year for water, pump out/Elsan etc.

Members are responsible for the appearance of their moorings for a distance of 20ft from the river bank. No permanent structures may be placed on moorings.

Temporary moorings will be granted to visiting boats from A.L.C.C. or A.W.C.C. affiliated Clubs if available. Such moorings are free of charge for up to seven days.

We currently have mooring available.

We are unable to provide residential moorings.





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